Wrecked cooling device

I come from a long line of men and ladies with short tempers. It’s frustrating to deal with, simply because I find myself getting far too angry over small things. Somebody else might just sigh and roll their eyes if they forgot to buy ketchup at the grocery store, however my reaction is a bit more… intense. Still, I do everything I can to keep my temper in check. I take deep breaths when I’m angry, drink plenty of freezing water, and keep myself in venues with excellent air conditioner at all times! The last of those multiple requirements is the hardest to meet over the Summers especially, since my part is consistently warm and humid for almost half of the year. My house has excellent air conditioner to keep cool, and top-notch ventilation systems to consistently circulate warm air out of my home. The best part of the air conditioner program is the whole-house exhaust fan in the attic! This thing works wonders by rapidly pulling all warm air in the house up and out through the roof. I usually only have to run the whole-house fan for about twenty minutes, and by then the house is much cooler without even having to turn on the air conditioner system. Not only does this effectively “cool” the house, however it also allows myself and others to rely less on my central air conditioner component to handle all the work. The only other thing that would make this air conditioner and ventilation program better would be the addition of an whole-house air purifier, however we’ll save that for later!

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