Wreckless thermostat usage; surprised by bill?

Sometimes I want to choke my husband. And I mean that, wholeheartedly. He is the most wonderful, skilled, caring man, but he is also a total idiot who needs to be taught everything. There are times I can’t even wrap my head around what he’s done, that he’s really found a new level of air headedness. Most recently, I’ve found that this teaching moment has been centered around the thermostat and our HVAC system. See, we currently live in a large house – like, it’s way too big for the two of us. As such, I’ve been continually mindful of our thermostat settings, so that we don’t overwork the heating and cooling system trying to fill the massive space with treated air. We even had a smart thermostat installed so that monitoring and managing the air quality would be a lot easier. It seems like we should be able to handle the responsibility of managing our indoor air temperature control devices, right? Wrong. Still, our energy bills were through the roof at times. I woke up the other night to find that the air temperature was a ridiculous 70 degrees. I turned down the thermostat from my phone app, and then began digging through the records of thermostat usage to see why the settings were so off. That’s when I discovered that my dumb husband had been using the thermostat like a sweatshirt. Every time he was a bit chilly, the heater went on. As soon as he warmed up again, the thermostat was turned down. How on earth, I yelled at him the next morning, do you act surprised about our energy bills when you act like this? At least I walked away before I choked him, this time.

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