Yeah, call the exterminators then

Last year when I was at our friend Greg’s house, I genuinely wasn’t prepared for what I saw happen.

  • The handful of cool people I was with and I were supposed to build a fire & hang out in the massive backyard for the night & every one of us were all looking forward to finally having some drinks & just having fun.

Well, little did I know that Greg was majorly allergic to bees. I found this out the difficult way that evening when every one of us were all resting around outside & this random bee showed up near our root beer can! Greg jumped back & knocked over his chair because he was so freaking scared of seeing that one little bee. I kind of laughed at him for a few eighths however then he calmly told myself and others that he is deathly allergic to bees. Then I finally understood why he was so scared! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere outside the house at all if I were allergic to bees. But of course, Greg likes the outdoors. He just doesn’t like wasps, bees, or other stingy bugs. Suddenly, every one of us saw a big swarm of ground bees coming up like a terror from the section where every one of us had built the fire. Greg got a terrified look on his face & ran into the house to rapidly call the emergency bee extermination services. I can’t say that I blame him. Honestly, if I were allergic to bees like that, I suppose that I would have bee exterminations done all the way around our house on a weekly basis. That would be the safest thing!


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