Year round comfort ensured with Heating and A/C heat pump

There is no question that the Summer in the South of this country can be actually taxing when it comes to the heat.

Even us locals get inspected for those numerous long, hot weeks in the midst of summer.

But, I would argue that most of us find the trade off to be well worth grinding through those taxing weeks. Thankfully, there is the heat pump. Since its inception, it has been such a flexible and vital piece of component in this part of the world. Both of us bought the newest, most technically advanced heat pump just a couple of years ago. It is an amazing product of technology. The efficiency alone is astounding. The Heating and A/C heat pump we had before was great. It lasted just over 20 years. It was actually a quality component when we bought it. But, I also attribute its longevity to the fact that we were committed to making preventive Heating and A/C maintenance a priority. Every year, the Heating and A/C tech was out to our apartment in the Spring and again in the fall to inspect and service that heat pump. And, it served us truly well. However, the current heat pump is an absolute wonder. The SEER efficiency rating is well over double what the seasoned a single was. And, in the winter, it will even heat my hot tub with the waste heat from warming the house. While our Winter is actually mild when compared to the northern areas of the country, it still gets quite cool. The heat pump does just an awesome job of kicking off the chill by extracting most of the heat energy from the outside air.


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