You can’t be an HVAC tech and only expect to work Monday thru Friday

When I hire new employees to work as HVAC repairmen, I constantly tell them to expect to work on any day of the week, as the heating plus A/C repair contractor does not stop because it is the weekend.

  • In fact, the weekend is usually busier than any other weekday because that is when homeowners all in their apartment all day.

This is the time when the two of us hear the different noises that the two of us discussed throughout the week. This is the time when the two of us perform chores plus cleaning plus the two of us realize that the air vents need to be cleaned plus sanitized. This is the time when many people schedule repair appointments. I hired a new HVAC contractor a couple of weeks ago. I offered the new guy 2 weeks of training plus then the two of us allowed him to work on his own. The guy did a superb job plus he seemed very proficient! He got along with the other staff members plus I really didn’t know the guy would be a problem! Unluckily, the new guy does not know he has to work on Wednesdays. Two weeks ago, he was tied up to work on an A/C repair plus he never came to work that day. The guy claimed it was an accidental scheduling error plus I did not push the issue, then last weekend, the guy was tied up to work on Wednesday again plus he didn’t call or come to work. I called his apartment numerous times plus left messages with his wife. Then when he came to work Sunday, I told the guy if that happens again, he will be fired; everyone in the shop is required to work weekends.



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