You can’t really talk over the roar of your A/C

Ever since this quarantine started a month ago, I have been keeping a close eye on our acquaintance Gus.

He’s really nice, very feisty, and he’s kind of old and frail.

But he still lives on his own. He is more vulnerable to the COVID virus than everyone else is. I’m afraid that if he gets it, he will not survive it, and so I try to swing by his cabin every couple days so I can see him and talk to him through the front window. But we both have to shout, because we can’t really open the window. But it works okay. His air conditioning is located on the side of his house, however when it runs it is deafeningly loud out there. But I always ask him about his AC and he tells me that it’s fine and that I shouldn’t worry about it. Then one single afternoon last weekI went over plus the AC wasn’t running, however Gus said he had turned it off plus everything was still just fine, so I didn’t worry about it. But after a few afternoons of the AC not running I asked Gus what was actually going on in there. He told me the thermostat had torn up but he really didn’t want to complain to me about the heat or be a burden about it. I told him that I would call in a Heating and Air Conditioning worker to have a look at the outdoor components, however Gus declined that offer. Then I asked him if it could possibly be an easy fix, like if maybe the batteries in the thermostat went dead or something. He said it wasn’t that either, and then later that night he called me to say that he was embarrassed. It turned out it was just dead batteries in the thermostat.

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