You have to look at the bright things in life

When I have friends and family who happen to be stressed, I usually try to bring up the bright sides to different situations.

I am always looking for the positive things and those things that just make us relax and appreciate what we have in life.

One thing I talk about to a lot of people is the fact that they have a good HVAC system and a roof over their head. As long as you have these essentials in life to make you feel entirely comfortable, you can’t be all that upset about what is going on in life. Sure, there are really bad things that happen to people, but are you able to drive around and get places? You can go to the movie theatre and get a big bucket of popcorn, some snacks and a drink. You can watch the funniest movie of your life while enjoying the excellent A/C in the theatre. The movie might even have some profound impact on you with how you connect with the message of the movie, and perhaps it will help you get over whatever problems you are dealing with in life. If there are a group of friends who are stressed, I commonly like to take everybody out for drinks, on me! At least a few rounds of drinks anyway, I don’t make all that much money. There’s a certain bar I really love because they have a powerful UV air purification system and the temperature control settings are always on point. I am usually able to feel better about things when I go there.

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