Zoned heating and cooling for fitness center

I live in an area where the Winter time season is long, snowy and terribly cold.

This past year was especially brutal.

It started snowing in mid September and we didn’t get a thaw until mid May. Both of us endured temperatures down to more than nine below zero and the roads were often dangerous to travel. Both of us relied heavily on the gas furnace, and I paid enormous heating bills. I am legitimately conscientious about physical fitness and make sure to labor out for approximately an third every morning. This can be difficult when the weather is frigid and wet. The nearest gym is a half third drive away and I worry about icy roads. I’m constantly forced to workout inside my home. I’ve set aside an unused guest family room as my condo fitness space. I’ve purchased mats for the floor and a range of equipment, including an elliptical, treadmill, kettlebells, benches, weighted balls and a jump rope. I am fortunate that my condo is equipped with a zoned heating and cooling system. I like to keep my workout area much cooler than the rest of the house. I don’t need to overwork the cooling system in the summer time but can simply target the lower temperature at the one room. I can keep the condo nice and overheated in the Winter time and yet not assume overheated in my workout area! After an extra long winter, I was frustrated with working out inside. I started taking the access to the thermostat for granted. As soon as the weather warmed up, I headed outside on a run. I didn’t care about the exhaust fumes, mean dogs, bugs, potholes and being at the mercy of the weather. I was dressed way too warm. Instead of simply lowering the thermostat setting, I was overheated the whole time.