Zookeeper’s need HVAC system

We’re watching a news story the other day about some issues they were having at the city zoo. The zoo is a nice place to spend the day and I guess we never realized all of the expenses that they incur and how little of a budget they have.  I always knew that they had to pay for all of the various food items needed to take care of the animals but I never really thought about their monthly expenses such as utilities and building maintenance. The new story was about the big cat and closer and how they were having to move the creatures each day into other barnes in order to keep them healthy. The main problem with this was the safety of the zookeeper’s and the other animals that were housed in the same barns. The news reporter went on to say that the zoo was looking for additional funding to replace the heating and cooling system in the big cat enclosure and that this was the reason that they needed to be moved all the time. The zoo is going to be hosting a large fund-raising event the following weekend and hoped that the general public would donate enough money to afford the replacement. They said that, although attendance had been good to that year, it still wasn’t enough to afford something as costly as a new HVAC system. Especially one that would give the dark cats the environment they needed to live in as they are not normally found in the Northeast region of the United States. My wife and I will be attending the fundraiser and hope that many other people will too because we would hate to see the large cats leave our Zoo just because they didn’t have adequate housing.

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